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Website Hosting

A Computer Science Department Service

Who Can Create a Website?

This service is available for all Rutgers Computer Science faculty, and staff. If you are unable to access the service and feel that you should be able to, please contact

Is There a Demo I Can Try?

There are two demos available, a full-featured multi-page site, and a minimalist one-page site

Can I Customize the Theme?

We provide support for two themes, each of which is a variation of the OnePress theme. 

The default theme is the Rutgers theme. This theme provides all the features of OnePress but comes with a preconfigured header and footer that match the Rutgers University website branding requirements. This includes the red color across the header, the Rutgers SAS logo, and the required footer copyright notice. It’s recommended that you stick with the Rutgers theme unless you have a requirement that your site not included Rutgers branding. 

The other theme is the standard OnePress Plus theme, without the Rutgers-specific modifications.

Customizing the theme will allow you to modify the sections and content on the home page, the naviagation menu, the website tagline, and other areas. Complete documentation is available here:

How Do I Create Complex Page Layouts?

Elementor Pro is a very powerful WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor that is available for use on all of your website pages. It contains a large library of page widgets that you can drag/drop onto your page. These visual layout tools provide very precise and detailed control over their appearance. Documentation for using Elementor is available here:

How Do I Change the Menu Bar?

Customizing the menu bar is one of the options available to you when you modify the theme. Click on Appearance | Menus from the WordPress dashboard after you login to your website to manage your site’s menu.

Can I Let Others Edit My Website?

You can add other users to your site via the dashboard. You must know the user’s NetID, and they must be a member of the Rutgers University community. When you add a user you can decide if they should be a Administrator, Editor, or Subscriber. Administrators have full rights to the site and can add other users, customize the theme, etc. Editors can create and manage all of the content of the site’s pages, but cannot make major structural changes to the site or add/remove users. Subscribers have a WordPress account but don’t have any more privileges than regular anonymous public viewers of your website do.

How Do I Delete My Website?

If you want to delete your website, please contact

How Do I Add / Remove / Edit Pages?

It is very easy to add pages to your website. From the dashboard, go to Pages | Add New, type the name of the page and then click the Edit With Elementor button to access the WYSIWIG editor. After your page is created, you can add it to the menu bar. Pages can be edited or deleted from the Pages | All Pages menu.

How Do I Add a Project or Personal Profile Page?

You can create pages for yourself or your projects from scratch, or you can use one of the custom Elementor templates that are available.

To use a template, simply edit your page in Elementor, and drag the Template widget to the page. From the widget settings, you can select the desired Template. Currently you can pick either a Profile Page template or a Project Page template. This will populate your page with a sample Faculty profile or sample Project profile, which you can then edit.

How Do I Add Publication Listings?

You can use the teachPress plugin to easily import lists of publications in BibTex format. You can create and store different publication lists, and display them where you wish.

To get started, go to the Publications | Import/Export menu in the administration panel of your website. From this page you can import a BibTex file that you have previously created/saved. One way to easily generate a BibTex file is to download it from the Computer Science Bibliography site at Once downloaded, import the list into your WordPress site.

To display one of your imported lists, you use a WordPress shortcode tag such as the [tplist] tag.  Documentation on the options you can use with this tag (and other available tags) is available here:

What are Posts & Comments?

Posts show up on the News page. These are similar to blog posts, in that they are timestamped with an author, and can support user comments (if you enabled them). Posts can be managed from the dashboard using the Posts | All Posts menu.

Can I add my own CSS to the sites I create?

Both the Rutgers and OnePress themes allow you to add custom CSS to your site’s pages using the Additional CSS setting available when customizing the theme.

An example CSS trick you can use to completely hide the site footer, mostly useful if you are using the OnePress theme, would be to add the following to the Additional CSS setting: div.container {

Is there a limit to the size of files that I can upload to my site?

The maximum upload size is 10MB per file.

Is there a place I can go to find official Rutgers images and website guidelines?

Who Do I Contact for Help?

If you need help with your website, please contact